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We are now in the time where many Christians are living with demons in various ways.Ignorantly in bondage,yet claiming to be free.Some are preaching,leading but bleeding. Free ,but chained in a cube. 

You are not saved yet 


1 : IF you have repented,but you are still keeping your make ups kit in your house,you are living with demons

2 : IF you have repented but still keep the image which people called JESUS in your house, you still live with demons

3 : IF  you have repented,but still keep your old trousers as a woman ,you are still living with a demons

4 : IF you have repented,but still keep your old wevon,attachment,you are still living with demons

5 : IF you have repented,but still keep immoral films,music,ungodly songs in your house,you still living with demons

the demon you refused to Chase  out of your life will chase you into hell fire so be wise.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood,don't be deceived. God will never give poison to his children as food.

If we being wicked will never allow our children with the things that belongs to our enemies,then God will never allow CHRISTIANS to enjoy sin,By changing stones into bread for them.

Only SATAN will let you know that,you can pray over the above mentioned items and use them as a child of God. Also he had deceived many by saying not all of these are from the DEVIL,flee from these things. 

Do spiritual house cleaning,until you destroy his properties in your LIFE,you are still his.

Until you have totally surrounded into The power and the influence of Christ,you are on the Broadway to hell ,but dancing in pains.


Pastor Gabriel Adade